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And as court records of the day show, lots of men chose to do it right in front of a nice big bed with a woman they had no intention of eating breakfast with. What Was Life Like in Jamestown? John White, the governor of the Roanoke Island colony in present-day North Carolina, returns from a supply-trip to England to find the settlement deserted. Everybody suddenly got cool. Livingston Was Born". And in that year he laid down a charter of government which provided for a small elective council, to sit with himself as governor and initiate laws, and a larger elective assembly to pass or reject the proposed laws.

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The Plantation Duty Act.

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American colonies

However, in the Netherlands government chartered the Dutch West India Company with power to build forts, to establish a government, and to colonize the land over wide areas, including the American coast. A two-part legislature was created, one part consisting of the governor and his council, named by the company in England, and the other a house made up of two burgesses from each settlement. This vast possession of land stretched from the Lakes to the Ohio and from the Mississippi to Pennsylvania. If the dates lie between 1 January and 24 March inclusiveyou should enter the year as recorded, followed by a slash and the subsequent year. November Navigation Acts regulate colonial trade and enable England to collect duties taxes during the Colonial America Time Period.

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